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Are you looking for the best investment solutions?

Our fund range is designed for all investor profiles

Our Offer

Conviction-based management

We manage assets of €10.6 billion, including €2 billion on behalf of foreign investors, applying a simple conviction: it’s a people’s business.


An independent, renowned team

With 34 fund managers and analysts with expertise in their respective fields, the team is one of the largest in the French independent asset management industry. It has won a number of awards for performance over time.

A diversified, targeted range

Our product range covers a broad spectrum of financial instruments (equities, corporate bonds, convertible bonds) across three areas : Europe, Diversified & FI, and Global.


Risk management

Risk management is an integral part of the investment process, led by the Internal Control and Compliance team.

Our services

Are you acting on behalf of your clients and their investments?

We offer a rigorous approach to meet your needs as closely as possible

Dedicated team

A team of bilingual professionals, who regularly travel to meet their partners abroad, cover each of our international markets.


Tailored solutions

We are constantly adapting our products and pricing to meet the changing demands and nature of each market.

Regular meetings

We regularly organise dynamic and productive meetings, giving you the opportunity to talk directly with the management team and stay informed of changes to our strategies.


Interactive resources

There are a number of interactive communication tools available for you: regular web conferences with the fund management team, electronic documents,and video news